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In recent years, increasing damage to the furnishings inside the bird room became apparent. Wide cracks appeared in the wood of both display cases and wall paneling, while the paint started to peel back in somewhat larger sheets.

RestaurierungA thorough restoration was necessary to preserve this unique monument and to once again be able to present it in a reasonable condition. In 2007, extensive restorative analyses were conducted to create a scientifically sound basis for the upcoming work.

The analysis of these findings, together with clues from historical sources, revealed an authentic rendering of the original color scheme of the hall. Though the most recent version of the hall was painted in monochrome off-white, it originally displayed a multi-color scheme, the most important feature of which was the azure blue-colored background of the display cases. This original color scheme, which was likewise expressed through many other details, was to be restored in the course of the renovation.

The actual restoration work began in November 2008 and lasted for about 16 months. In this time, not a single square inch of the room remained untouched! The top layer of paint from the 1980s was removed from the wooden features in order to access the then hidden historical color scheme and allow the proceeding renovation phases to draft a coherent structure of the new color scheme. The vaulted ceilings were likewise revamped. Finally, the double layer of modern parquet flooring was removed to restore the original paneled flooring and carefully renovate it. A modern, lighting system inside the display cabinets rounded out the efforts.

To sustainably protect the wood and its new color scheme, it is necessary to control the climate inside the hall at all times, namely to keep the humidity level as constant as possible. As a result, the room temperature of the hall can be relatively low in the cooler months. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Um das Holz der Ausstattung und dessen Verbund mit der Farbauflage nachhaltig zu schützen, ist es notwendig, das Raumklima gezielt zu steuern, und vor allem die Luftfeuchtigkeit möglichst konstant zu halten. Infolgedessen kann es vorkommen, dass die Raumtemperatur des Saals in der kühlen Jahreszeit relativ niedrig ist. Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen.

For financial support during the restoration measures, the Bamberg Lyceum Foundation (owner of the museum) extends its gratitude to the following institutions:

  • Oberfrankenstiftung (Upper Franconian Foundation)
  • Bayerische Landesstiftung (Bavarian State Foundation)
  • Landesstelle für die nichtstaatliche Museen in Bayern (am Bayerischen Landesamt für Denkmalpflege) or, Office for non-state-run museums in Bavaria (at the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments)
  • City of Bamberg via the Edgar Wolf`sche Foundation
  • District of Bamberg
  • as well as the free state of Bavaria (funds for the maintenance of the building).

Sincerest thanks also to our visitors for the numerous small and major donations.

For the competent implementation of the restorative measures we thank:

  • State Office of Building Authority in Bamberg
  • Restoration workshop Peter Turek / Forchheim

We are also grateful for the great deal of expert advice received from the Office for non state-funded Museums in Bavaria